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Feet: The domain of the Therapeutic Reflexologist

Introduction to feet Feet are that part of the human body that many people totally ignore and never give any attention to; that is until it becomes necessary, but mostly people tend to forget about their feet.   No wonder, when considering that your feet are mostly hidden away inside shoes and only seen as […]

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Reflexology vs Therapeutic Reflexology

Reflexology in the health and skincare (beauty/spa) industry Foot reflexology is sometimes mistakenly seen as a foot massage by the general public, especially in South Africa where the beauty industry sometimes claims to also to reflexology.  The so-called “reflexology” performed in the beauty industry is basically a mere foot massage where the feet are massaged […]

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Therapeutic Reflexology

Introduction Therapeutic Reflexology is a holistic modality in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) healthcare industry.  It is an emerging non-invasive therapeutic modality gaining popularity as a natural healing therapy of choice in Western society.  Therapeutic Reflexology is a holistic therapy working mostly on a patient’s feet, but sometimes also on other parts of the […]