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Treat your Feet

Your feet are that part of your body that carries a lot of weight (no pun intended) as it is the lowest part of your body on which your entire weight rests all day.  Your feet work hard, not only in carrying your weight all day, but it is the part of your body that […]

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Therapeutic Reflexology: Microcosm of the Macrocosm

In therapeutic reflexology the feet are seen as the microcosm of the macrocosm.  Say what?!!!  Let me explain in normal language.   The terms sound worse than what it actually is.  These are Greek words where Microcosm means small world while Macrocosm means large world.  These words are used in various contexts and in various […]

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Is Therapeutic Reflexology Painful?

No, it is not supposed to be painful, but it can be painful depending on who the reflexologist is, what the state of your health is and what techniques the reflexologist uses.  Let me explain.   Who the reflexologist is: It is imperative for you to choose the reflexologist you entrust your feet to very […]

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Do I have to be sick to go for Therapeutic Reflexology?

No, illness is not a prerequisite to receive therapeutic reflexology treatment sessions.  There are various people that may make use of the services offered by therapeutic reflexologists and this blog post will briefly have a look at who will benefit from such treatment.   There are usually three types of people that will benefit from […]