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Non-Registered Reflexologists

May I go to a reflexologist that is not registered?   We live in a free country and you may do what you like to, but just because you can, does not mean you should.  Let us look into the matter of so-called reflexologists practicing in South Africa, but not being properly registered.   Legislation […]

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Feet are Amazing

Feet are the therapeutic domain of the Therapeutic Reflexologist, but your feet are also much more than just a body part for a therapist to work on; feet are truly amazing.   You may be wondering where I became a bit weird to think feet are amazing, because you may never even think about your […]

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Therapeutic Reflexology Options

Foot Reflexology is known as the main modality within Therapeutic Reflexology, but there are more options available like hand reflexology, face reflexology, ear reflexology, body reflexology, lymph drainage reflexology and Vacuflex reflexology.   Having a look at what reflexology is, is necessary before you can understand why there are numerous options available within therapeutic reflexology […]

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Vacuflex Reflexology

The Vacuflex Concepts is a unique device used by certain therapeutic reflexologists to enhance the treatment.  Christo Scheepers uses this wonderful device in his private practice.   The Vacuflex Concepts is an electronic device combining the two healing modalities of reflexology and meridian therapy (acupuncture) into one effective therapeutic treatment session.  What makes it very […]