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Foot Fascination

Therapeutic Reflexologists have a fascination about feet, but ever so often a patient would enquire about a different form of foot fascination like a foot phobia or a foot fetish; this post attempts to look at these controversial matters from a therapeutic reflexologist’s viewpoint.   Foot Phobia (Podophobia) I spoke to a doctor a while […]

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Therapeutic Reflexology versus Medical Care

Does Therapeutic Reflexology replace medical care from your medical doctor?  The answer to this question is easy:  NO!!!!!!!   Therapeutic Reflexology does not replace medical care and is definitely not in a position to do so, but let’s have a look at this matter.   The medical profession is regulated by the Health Professions Council […]

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Preventative Healthcare

Therapeutic Reflexology is known as a preventative healthcare modality within the complementary medicine industry, but what does it really mean?   Preventative healthcare believes that it is better to prevent illness rather than curing it, but when it does show up, it should be effectively dealt with.  Therapeutic reflexology is one of those healthcare modalities […]

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World Reflexology Week: 24-30 September 2018

The week of 24-30 September 2018 is known as World Reflexology Week, so the question I want to ask you today, is:  Have you ever experienced Therapeutic Reflexology?  If not, maybe September 2018 is the ideal month to visit a therapeutic reflexologist and experience this healthcare modality while the entire world focuses on this popular […]