Psychosomatic Conditions

Psychosomatic conditions are seen as physical conditions of pain, discomfort or illness that is either caused by underlying emotional, psychological, mental or even spiritual reasons.  I have been dealing with psychosomatic conditions in people as a counsellor since 1999 and as a reflexologist since 2003.  As such I am also a member of the American […]

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Therapeutic Reflexologist versus Therapeutic Reflexologist

Do therapeutic reflexologists compete with each other?  No, as professional therapists registered and regulated by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) they are not supposed to, but let me put it in another way; I do not compete with other therapeutic reflexologists.   Put in another way, does your medical doctor compete […]

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Broken Heartedness

Do you feel broken-hearted?  Are you dealing with this feeling that is debilitating your life or are you just suppressing it?  Have you ever considered dealing with it from a therapeutic reflexology point of view?   Let’s begin this article by having a look at what it means to be broken-hearted.  Sometimes things happen in […]


Leaving Footprints

Therapeutic Reflexology is so much more than a mere foot massage; it is leaving a legacy with every person whose feet are being touched.  With this post I want to ask the question:  Are you leaving footprints in the sand?  Or in other words, are you leaving a legacy with your life?   We get […]

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Living with Regrets

Are you living with regrets?  Many people live in a constant state of regret regarding things they have done or things they have not done.   The picture accompanying this post is of a girl that decided to put a tattoo on her beautiful foot and unless you are willing to spend a lot of […]