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Scope of Practice

Therapeutic Reflexologists are professional healthcare therapists that work within a formal scope of practice as released by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA).  In this post we shall have a look at what a scope of practice actually means.   Therapeutic Reflexologists are formally regulated by the AHPCSA in accordance with the […]

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Relax with Reflexology

I am so tired and stressed this time of the year!  We all feel it as year-end approaches fast, but do you know that Therapeutic Reflexology can help you through the rush towards year-end?   This time of the year we all try to get everything done in time before certain companies closes down.  Sometimes […]

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Reflexology versus Massage

What is better for me; reflexology or a massage?  When asking a question like this, we first have to look at the difference between reflexology and therapeutic reflexology as compared to massage and therapeutic massage.  Thereafter we should look into the two different professions.   Reflexology versus Massage A very quick explanation is that reflexology […]