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Guaranteed Results

Is it possible for therapeutic reflexologists to guarantee the results or outcomes of therapeutic reflexology treatments?  This post will look into this question.   The obvious answer is no, therapeutic reflexologists cannot guarantee results or outcomes of therapeutic reflexology sessions. Similarly, medical doctors nor physiotherapists nor any other healthcare professional can guarantee results or outcomes of […]

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I can, but should I?

Just because you can do something does not necessarily mean that you should be doing it.  In this post we’ll explore this concept of capability versus pursuit.   Sometimes we are able to do something, but whether it is the right thing to actually pursue it, is something to consider.  Capability does not necessarily mean […]

Pricing, Discount, Specials and Promotions

Prospective patients often ask what therapeutic reflexologists charge for their services and if they offer any specials or discounts? In this post we’ll have a look at therapeutic reflexology pricing, specials and discounts. Background of the profession To fully understand pricing, the profession of therapeutic reflexology should be understood first.  Therapeutic Reflexology is a recognised and […]

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Utopia through your feet is possible, just visit a therapeutic reflexologist.  In this post we’ll explore how you can experience footopia.   Why therapeutic reflexology causes relaxation Therapeutic reflexology is a healthcare modality that works on the reflexes (or nerve endings) on your feet (and sometimes other body parts like the hands).  Just think about […]