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Holistic Reflexology: Physical Dimension

Therapeutic reflexology is a complementary healthcare modality that holistically treat the human body.  In today’s post we’ll explore this holistic modality, especially in the physical dimension, to understand where it can be used effectively.   Physical Holism The human beings are holistic in nature and consists of seven distinct dimensions, namely the physical, psychological (emotional), […]

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Unique Feet

You normally do not pay much attention to your feet; that is now unless you are a therapeutic reflexologist.  In today’s post we’ll look at the uniqueness of your feet.   The average person would not pay much attention to their feet, but when your profession is that of a therapeutic reflexologist where you work […]

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Traumatological Reflexology

What is traumatological reflexology?  This post will delve into these terms and attempt to bring it together based on my experience in dealing with trauma. What is Traumatology? Traumatology is actually a branch of medicine and can be seen as a sub-division of surgery where a medical doctor deals with wounds and injuries that occurred […]

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Cleanse and Detox

Therapeutic Reflexology is an excellent healthcare modality that can assist your body to cleanse itself through a holistic detoxification process.  In this post we’ll explore cleansing through therapeutic reflexology. Detoxification (detox) is a process where the body gets rid of a build-up of toxins in the body; it is a way the body cleanses itself […]