Replacing Medical Care

Is therapeutic reflexology a replacement for medical care? The answer is easy; no, it is not. In today’s post, we’ll consider this question.   When speaking to certain people involved in the Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) world, it often seems like CAM is seen as a replacement for medical care.  Therapeutic reflexology is a healthcare modality […]

Technology in Reflexology

Reflexology is an age-old modality that is not usually associated with technology, but if you want to get the best possible therapeutic reflexology consultations in the 21stcentury, should you not consider the inclusion of relevant technology in the treatment?  In today’s post, we’ll explore the use of technology in therapeutic reflexology.   As I woke […]

Healing Response

What will you experience after you received a therapeutic reflexology treatment?  In today’s post, we’ll have a look at the healing response patients may experience.   Every person reacts differently to therapeutic reflexology treatment and understanding what you may experience after a session, is important for you to understand the process ahead.  Therapeutic reflexology is […]

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Realistic Expectations

When you visit a therapeutic reflexologist, there are certain expectations that you should have.  In the previous post we looked at unrealistic expectations some patients have and it was mentioned that therapeutic reflexology is a healthcare modality and not a miracle cure and therefore you should not have unrealistic expectations where you expect to obtain […]