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Medical Reflexology

As a Therapeutic Reflexologist, I have a special interest in Medical Reflexology, but what is that?  Medical Reflexology is therapeutic reflexology performed in combination with medical treatment as a complementary healthcare modality.  In today’s post, medical reflexology will be considered.   Legislation Let’s make a distinction first between therapeutic reflexology and medical care.  Therapeutic Reflexology […]

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Cold Feet

Do you have cold feet and/or cold hands?  In today’s post, we’ll look into your cold feet and see how we can warm your feet up with therapeutic reflexology.   Many times patients would tell me that they naturally have cold feet, so it is not uncommon in the therapeutic reflexology practice, but are you […]

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Footsteps to Freedom

Freedom is a concept many of us desire, but what is freedom really and what does that have to do with therapeutic reflexology? Today, we’ll explore some footsteps to freedom.   Freedom is the ability to do what you want when you want without being restricted by other people.  It is a perception that becomes very […]

Painful Feet

Does therapeutic reflexology help for painful feet?  This is the question we’ll unravel in today’s post.   The overall answer is: Yes, therapeutic reflexology can help with your painful feet, because therapeutic reflexology is a healthcare modality known to assist with pain relief, but the cause of the pain in your feet may need to […]

Post-Operative Reflexology

Did you know that Therapeutic Reflexology can assist you after having surgery?  In this post, we’ll consider the use of therapeutic reflexology after surgery. Surgery is one of those things you sometimes need to undergo. As I write this, I immediately think about my own situation where I had to undergo sinus surgery just over a […]