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Cry in the Rain with Therapeutic Reflexology

As I’m sitting in my office looking at the amazing rain Cape Town is having this morning, I’m reminded of a song sung by Afrikaans singer Elizma Theron with the deep lyrics: “Ek wil huil as dit reën, want dan huil ek nie alleen….” (translated as: I want to cry when it rains, because then […]

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Get a Foot Rub

When last did you get a foot rub?  Regular foot rubs may help you to relax and enjoy life more, but who do you approach to give you the best foot rubs around?  In today’s post, we’ll explore spoiling yourself with a foot rub.   Getting a foot rub is very relaxing, but at the […]

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How airy-fairy is reflexology?

Is therapeutic reflexology a real healthcare modality or is it just airy-fairy foolishness?  In today’s post, we’ll consider the notion that reflexology is sometimes seen as airy-fairy instead of real healthcare by some while debunking the truth behind these thoughts.   Let’s begin by mentioning that Therapeutic Reflexology is a recognised healthcare modality in South […]

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Podiatry versus Therapeutic Reflexology

A patient often asks me if they should visit a Therapeutic Reflexologist or a Podiatrist to deal with their feet.  In today’s post, we’ll consider these two totally different professions.   Similarities There are similarities between Podiatry and Therapeutic Reflexology; both professions work on your feet and both professions are professionally registered, recognised and regulated […]