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Craving Therapeutic Reflexology

The National Lockdown to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has been enforced now for a few weeks in South Africa and I am wondering if you are craving Therapeutic Reflexology treatments yet?  Let’s talk about it in today’s post.   When you are used to regular Therapeutic Reflexology sessions, it may be […]

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Essential Service: Therapeutic Reflexology

Did you know that Therapeutic Reflexology is an Essential Healthcare Service and you are able to still receive Therapeutic Reflexology treatment during the time of National Lockdown, especially if it is an emergency.  Let’s consider this in today’s post. On 24 March 2020 President Cyril Ramaphosa issued a directive that all shops and businesses will […]

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Lockdown Thoughts

We have been in national lockdown due to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for a while now and in today’s post, I’m going to share some thoughts with you.   It is not normal for people to stay at home without the freedom to move around as they would like to, but in the world we […]

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Ask your Therapeutic Reflexologist

Asking your Therapeutic Reflexologist questions during the National Lockdown is a good passing of time, especially those questions about Therapeutic Reflexology that you have not asked yet.  In today’s post, we’ll answer some questions that were asked to me since lockdown has begun; some are personal, but I’ll gladly answer in this post.   What […]