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Non-Discriminatory Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology is a non-discriminatory healthcare modality that is important in the 21st Century where discrimination is occurring regularly in many environments.  In today’s post, we’ll consider the non-discriminatory nature of Therapeutic Reflexology.   Discrimination refers to the unfair treatment of a person or a group of people based on factors like age, belief, culture, […]

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Therapeutic Reflexology: Art and Science

Therapeutic Reflexology is a valuable healthcare modality that may be classified as both an art and a science.  In today’s post, we’ll consider Therapeutic Reflexology as an art and a science.   Therapeutic Reflexology is a recognised healthcare modality formally regulated by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA), making it not only […]

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Feet are not yucky

It is not strange for a Therapeutic Reflexologist to be asked: “Why do you work with feet?  I can never work with other people’s feet!”  It is at such times that I’m always glad that I’m not being asked a question like that as a Gynaecologist or Urologist or Proctologist LOL.  Putting all the joking […]