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Why get Therapeutic Reflexology?

When people hear that I am a Therapeutic Reflexologist, they often want to know why people get Therapeutic Reflexology.  In today’s post, we’ll consider the reasons why people often get Therapeutic Reflexology.   Therapeutic Reflexology is a recognised healthcare modality formally regulated by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA), but other than […]

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Choosing a Therapeutic Reflexologist

We are living in times where there are many choices to be made, including which Therapeutic Reflexologist you want to consult with.  In today’s post, we’ll consider how to choose your Therapeutic Reflexologist.   AHPCSA Registration Choosing a Therapeutic Reflexologist should begin by ensuring that the Therapeutic Reflexologist is properly registered with the Allied Health […]

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But other Reflexologists do it …

“Christo, why are you not offering promotions, but other Therapeutic Reflexologists do?”  These are words sometimes heard from the general public when enquiring about Therapeutic Reflexology.  In today’s post, we’ll consider why offering promotions are not part of a professional healthcare practice. It is easy to get caught up in comparing one Therapeutic Reflexologist with […]