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Authenticity vs Copycat Reflexology

What is the difference between Authentic Therapeutic Reflexology and Copycat Reflexology?  In today’s post, we’ll consider this controversial topic so if you are a sensitive reader and easily offended, beware that there may be some toe stepping involved in this article.   As a Therapeutic Reflexologist, I sometimes get “patients” attending my practice for Therapeutic […]

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Pain and Reflexology

Pain is a symptom that many people are experiencing, but as pain is subjective, the level of pain is dependent on the patient’s perception thereof.  Therapeutic Reflexology is a healthcare modality that may assist in dealing with pain and in today’s post, we’ll consider how Therapeutic Reflexology may assist in managing pain.   Pain is […]

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Welcome to 2021

Welcome to a new year as we enter 2021 after coming through the very difficult 2020 that was characterised by COVID-19.  In today’s post, I’ll share a few thoughts on the year ahead, specifically at Christo Scheepers Therapeutic Reflexologist.   We entered the new year with an upscaled national lockdown level while not even being […]

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Happy New Year

May you have a wonderful 2021 and please stay in touch to hear about the exciting developments at Christo Scheepers Therapeutic Reflexologist in this new year.