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Sexual Performance and Reflexology

Is it possible to increase sexual performance with therapeutic reflexology?  In today’s post, we’ll consider this question.   The first question that arises from this question, is what sexual performance is referring to?  Sexual performance can be seen as the ability to have fulfilling sexual intercourse, a very relevant matter to couples.  The lack of […]

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Reflexological Relaxation

Therapeutic Reflexology offers one of the best forms of relaxation available to mankind; in today’s post, we’ll consider the relaxation qualities of Therapeutic Reflexology.   Every person needs to relax at some point or the other.  We tend to work too hard or stress ourselves out to the point where we are so tense that […]

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I am Sorry

Tongue-in-the-cheek post to all patients and prospective patients.   I am sorry!  I am sorry you have not made a Therapeutic Reflexology appointment yet because you are missing out.  Therapeutic Reflexology is such a relaxing healthcare modality that offers so many health and wellness benefits that I can only tell you how sorry I am […]

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No Discrimination in Therapeutic Reflexology

There is no discrimination in Therapeutic Reflexology; read more in today’s post.   Discrimination is the unfair treatment of people based on specific characteristics like skin colour, age, race, gender, education, and so forth.  South Africa is known for the injustice and discrimination of the Apartheid years from 1948 until 1994 where black people have […]

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Reflexology Anniversary

Today is the 1-3-4-18 reflexology anniversary of the reflexology practice of Christo Scheepers.  In today’s post, we’ll contemplate this unique numbered anniversary.   1-3-4-18 One year ago, on 1 March 2020, the private practice of Christo Scheepers Therapeutic Reflexologist moved into our current office space at Suite 25B, The Bridge, 304 Durban Road, Tygervalley 7530.  […]