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Reflexology is a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) modality and not part of mainstream Conventional (Orthodox) medicine.  Reflexology is practiced differently in different countries and thus within circumstances and legislation pertinent to that specific country.  We are located in South Africa where Therapeutic Reflexology holds statutory registration status with the Allied Health Professions Act (Act 63 of 1982) as amended and promulgated on 12 February 2001.  This means that the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) formally regulates the practice of Therapeutic Reflexology in the country and it is illegal to financially gain from the profession without being formally registered and regulated by them.  Due to this regulation by the AHPCSA, there are clear boundaries of what Therapeutic Reflexologists may and may not do as indicated in their Scope of Practice for Therapeutic Reflexology.  At ChristoScheepers.co.za we fully comply with this and by making use of our website and services, you understand and fully agree to these terms.

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The Therapeutic Reflexologist:

  • Is a registered professional with the AHPCSA;
  • Is formally regulated by the AHPCSA and works within their scope of practice;
  • Holds a practice number making reimbursement from medical schemes possible (depending on the member's plan);
  • Is a registered therapist and not a diagnostic practitioner;
  • Does not diagnose any illness conditions;
  • Does not treat a specific disease or illness;
  • Does not interfere with medication;
  • Does not prescribe medication;
  • Offers reflexology treatments that can improve the quality of life; and
  • Offers reflexology that can significantly improve a patient's general condition and wellness while activating excretory organs.

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