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Paediatric Reflexology

Children can benefit from Therapeutic Reflexology; read more in today’s post.


Paediatrics is a medical specialty focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of children.  Therapeutic Reflexology is the ideal healthcare modality to offer complementary therapy to children and the best part is that it is totally non-invasive.


Children are often scared to visit the dentist due to the drilling, but then again, who is not a bit hesitant to visit the dentist?  Some children are scared to visit the medical doctor or clinic, especially if needles are involved like when a blood draw is required, or when an injection or vaccination is needed.  Therapeutic Reflexologist is totally non-invasive, and no needles are involved, thus making it an ideal modality to consider for children.


Therapeutic Reflexology is a formally regulated healthcare modality in South Africa offering non-invasive therapy by stimulating nerve endings on the feet, and sometimes other parts of the body like the hands, face, and ears.  No undressing is required and the only thing the child will have to take off is the shoes (and socks).  The treatment is not painful, but instead, it is a very relaxing therapy, although certain areas may be sensitive, however, the experienced Therapeutic Reflexologist will know how to work with those areas in children without causing pain and unnecessary discomfort.


Each Therapeutic Reflexologist may follow a different approach, but at Christo Scheepers Therapeutic Reflexologist the parent(s) are welcome to accompany the child into the therapy room and remain in the same room with the child throughout the treatment.  I prefer working like this with children as it puts them at ease and if they are comfortable with the therapist, the Therapeutic Reflexologist can focus on providing the best possible treatment to the child.


Therapeutic Reflexology on children may be shorter than in adults, but it all depends on the approach used by the Therapeutic Reflexologist in combination with the requirements during the session and the child’s timespan ability to remain acceptable for therapy.  The experienced Therapeutic Reflexologist will know how to effectively deal with children, keep them engaged and interested while offering them the best possible treatment.


Therapeutic Reflexology is a complementary therapy which means that it never replaces medical care nor treatment from a Paediatrician, but it is an effective therapy to use in conjunction with medical care.  It is a good therapy to help with reducing stress, inducing calmness, and increasing overall wellbeing.


Why would a child need stress reduction or any form of Therapeutic Reflexology?  You may think that your child is not stressed (because children cannot be stressed; right?), but the reality is that in the 21st century, children are experiencing tremendous amounts of stress that was not common in previous generations.  Just think about the pressure and stress that comes with constant interaction on social media and electronics.  It is not uncommon these days that a 2-year-old can use a cellular phone before being able to speak properly. That is just the world we are living in at the moment.  Children have added stress in schools with more subjects, bigger workloads, disrespect for authority figures in classrooms, bullying, and sometimes even violence in schools or in domestic environments.  The divorce rate is tremendously high and even if the child does not show any signs of being affected by your separation or divorce, it is negatively affecting the child on an unconscious level.


Therapeutic Reflexology has the potential to help your child reduce stress and to improve the child’s quality of life by assisting him/her to be more at ease with themselves, more comfortable in their skins, and more able to deal with the daily stresses that come their way.


Therapeutic Reflexology is a therapy that assists the body to restore balance (homeostasis) and therefore it may be an ideal therapy to add to your child’s weekly, biweekly or monthly routine to assists their bodies to remain healthy while assisting their emotions to be more in balance.


If you have not taken your child for a Therapeutic Reflexology session; why not consider it?  You have nothing to lose, but your child has everything to gain.  Therapeutic Reflexology is safe for children of all ages.  Even children that do not usually like their feet touched (including autistic children) normally enjoy a Therapeutic Reflexology session, and once they have experienced positive results, it is not strange for them to request another session.


Do what you can to have a happy child, because nothing is as worse for a parent than to see your child’s smile disappear as the weight of the world is pressing down on their little shoulders.


If you are considering a Therapeutic Reflexology session for your child, do not hesitate to contact a Therapeutic Reflexologist to have all your questions answered.

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