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Urological Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology may assist with urological conditions.  Read more in today’s post.   Urological conditions refer to conditions relating to the urinary tract that may include conditions like urinary incontinence, recurring urinary tract infections, and kidney stones, but also male conditions like erectile dysfunction, prostate conditions, and infertility.   When urological conditions are present, it […]

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Authenticity vs Copycat Reflexology

What is the difference between Authentic Therapeutic Reflexology and Copycat Reflexology?  In today’s post, we’ll consider this controversial topic so if you are a sensitive reader and easily offended, beware that there may be some toe stepping involved in this article.   As a Therapeutic Reflexologist, I sometimes get “patients” attending my practice for Therapeutic […]

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Pain and Reflexology

Pain is a symptom that many people are experiencing, but as pain is subjective, the level of pain is dependent on the patient’s perception thereof.  Therapeutic Reflexology is a healthcare modality that may assist in dealing with pain and in today’s post, we’ll consider how Therapeutic Reflexology may assist in managing pain.   Pain is […]

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Podiatry versus Therapeutic Reflexology

A patient often asks me if they should visit a Therapeutic Reflexologist or a Podiatrist to deal with their feet.  In today’s post, we’ll consider these two totally different professions.   Similarities There are similarities between Podiatry and Therapeutic Reflexology; both professions work on your feet and both professions are professionally registered, recognised and regulated […]

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Realistic Expectations

When you visit a therapeutic reflexologist, there are certain expectations that you should have.  In the previous post we looked at unrealistic expectations some patients have and it was mentioned that therapeutic reflexology is a healthcare modality and not a miracle cure and therefore you should not have unrealistic expectations where you expect to obtain […]

Pricing, Discount, Specials and Promotions

Prospective patients often ask what therapeutic reflexologists charge for their services and if they offer any specials or discounts? In this post we’ll have a look at therapeutic reflexology pricing, specials and discounts. Background of the profession To fully understand pricing, the profession of therapeutic reflexology should be understood first.  Therapeutic Reflexology is a recognised and […]

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Therapeutic Reflexologist by Choice

Christo Scheepers is a Registered Therapeutic Reflexologist by choice and in this post some questions regarding his reflexology journey will be asked and answered to understand better why he has chosen a profession where he works with feet.   Why did you choose a profession where you have to work with people’s feet? I did […]

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Scope of Practice

Therapeutic Reflexologists are professional healthcare therapists that work within a formal scope of practice as released by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA).  In this post we shall have a look at what a scope of practice actually means.   Therapeutic Reflexologists are formally regulated by the AHPCSA in accordance with the […]

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Living with Regrets

Are you living with regrets?  Many people live in a constant state of regret regarding things they have done or things they have not done.   The picture accompanying this post is of a girl that decided to put a tattoo on her beautiful foot and unless you are willing to spend a lot of […]

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Foot Fascination

Therapeutic Reflexologists have a fascination about feet, but ever so often a patient would enquire about a different form of foot fascination like a foot phobia or a foot fetish; this post attempts to look at these controversial matters from a therapeutic reflexologist’s viewpoint.   Foot Phobia (Podophobia) I spoke to a doctor a while […]