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Urological Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology may assist with urological conditions.  Read more in today’s post.   Urological conditions refer to conditions relating to the urinary tract that may include conditions like urinary incontinence, recurring urinary tract infections, and kidney stones, but also male conditions like erectile dysfunction, prostate conditions, and infertility.   When urological conditions are present, it […]

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FREE eBook during Lockdown

The National Lockdown for the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is not the ideal situation, but it forces us to spend some time contemplating many things.  Why not use the time to read a thought-provoking book written by Christo Scheepers (Therapeutic Reflexologist) and made available to you FREE of charge during the lockdown period. As the lockdown […]

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May Christians use Therapeutic Reflexology?

In today’s post, we’ll consider a bit of a controversial topic, namely whether it is allowed for Christians to make use of Therapeutic Reflexology.   Why the question? Why is this even relevant, you may ask?  Well, this is a question I sometimes get in my practice, especially when the patient belongs to the Christian […]

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Medical Reflexology

As a Therapeutic Reflexologist, I have a special interest in Medical Reflexology, but what is that?  Medical Reflexology is therapeutic reflexology performed in combination with medical treatment as a complementary healthcare modality.  In today’s post, medical reflexology will be considered.   Legislation Let’s make a distinction first between therapeutic reflexology and medical care.  Therapeutic Reflexology […]