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Paediatric Reflexology

Children can benefit from Therapeutic Reflexology; read more in today’s post.   Paediatrics is a medical specialty focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of children.  Therapeutic Reflexology is the ideal healthcare modality to offer complementary therapy to children and the best part is that it is totally non-invasive.   Children are often scared to visit […]

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Part of your Journey

Therapeutic Reflexologists are part of your life journey …   In today’s post, we’ll consider the fact that Therapeutic Reflexologists are part of your journey through life; a thought-provoking post that is intended to just make you think!   We all have stories to tell.  We all have life events that impact our lives positively […]

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Dermatological Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology may assist with skin conditions; read more in today’s post.   Dermatology is a medical specialty focusing on skin conditions.  When people struggle with skin conditions, they usually try various products that can be bought over the counter and when that does not work, a visit to the General Practitioner (GP) is next […]

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Therapeutic Reflexology: Health or Beauty

Therapeutic Reflexology is a healthcare modality and is regulated as such within the healthcare industry.  Using sales antics to promote Therapeutic Reflexology is diluting the professionality of the profession.  In today’s post, we’ll consider Therapeutic Reflexology as a healthcare modality instead of a modality to be used within the beauty industry.   Therapeutic Reflexology is […]

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The Value of Therapeutic Reflexology

We place value on something based on our perception of what we believe it is worth to us and in today’s post, we’ll consider the value of Therapeutic Reflexology.   The Cost of Therapeutic Reflexology It is always interesting to me that when some people phone to find out what is the cost of a […]

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Happy New Year

May you have a wonderful 2021 and please stay in touch to hear about the exciting developments at Christo Scheepers Therapeutic Reflexologist in this new year.

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Infertility is a condition where a couple wants to fall pregnant, but they are struggling to hear those magic words of “you are pregnant”.  In today’s post, we’ll consider how Therapeutic Reflexology may assist in infertility.   In the 21st century, it appears that infertility is a common condition because we regularly hear about couples […]

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Christian Feet

As a Christian, I’m sometimes asked how I can work with feet as a Therapeutic Reflexologist as if it is some kind of a sin to work with somebody’s feet.  In response I often joke that they can be glad I’m not a Gynaecologist or a similar question will be very uncomfortable.  In today’s post, […]

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Why Feet

I spoke to a psychologist the other day and she asked me the regular question when she heard that I was a Therapeutic Reflexologist: “Why feet?”  In today’s post, we’ll consider this question and why I work with feet in my profession. “Why feet?” is a question that implies that working with feet is weird […]

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Confidentiality in Reflexology

Confidentiality is an interesting topic and during a Therapeutic Reflexology session everything shared with the Therapeutic Reflexologist is confidential, however, there are limitations to confidentiality.  In today’s post, we’ll consider confidentiality in therapeutic reflexology.   When going to a Therapeutic Reflexologist, the patient can be assured that everything shared is confidential in the same way […]