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Podiatric Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology is not Podiatry but complements it.  Read more in today’s post.   Podiatry and Therapeutic Reflexology are both recognised healthcare professions in South Africa, thus making medical aid reimbursements possible.  Both of these healthcare professions work on a patient’s feet and ankles, but there are vast differences between what the professions offer in […]

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Tension Treatment through your Toes

Are you experiencing tension in your life at the moment?  Have you ever considered having the tension dealt with through the wonderful healthcare modality of therapeutic reflexology? In today’s post, we’ll explore the use of therapeutic reflexology to deal with your tension.   What is tension? Tension is any situation where you feel on the edge; […]

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Unique Feet

You normally do not pay much attention to your feet; that is now unless you are a therapeutic reflexologist.  In today’s post we’ll look at the uniqueness of your feet.   The average person would not pay much attention to their feet, but when your profession is that of a therapeutic reflexologist where you work […]

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Feet are Amazing

Feet are the therapeutic domain of the Therapeutic Reflexologist, but your feet are also much more than just a body part for a therapist to work on; feet are truly amazing.   You may be wondering where I became a bit weird to think feet are amazing, because you may never even think about your […]