Christo Scheepers offers Therapeutic Reflexology and Supportive Therapy Treatments


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Therapeutic Reflexology

  • Full Range of Therapeutic Reflexology (Foot, hand, face, ear, body)
  • Reflexology Lymph Drainage
  • Vacuflex Concepts Electronic Reflexology

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Supportive Therapies

  • Bodywork Therapy for Relaxation

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Bodywork is not covered by medical aids!

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Disclaimer: The practice of Christo Scheepers is set up to comply with all legal requirements to offer supportive therapies (as an ASCHP registered Specialist Wellness Counsellor) in conjunction with Therapeutic Reflexology in a separate entrance office, either in a sequential consultation or in a totally different consultation


What to Expect during Therapeutic Reflexology Treatment

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Individualised Sessions 

Christo Scheepers offers a personalised approach to therapeutic reflexology by customising each session to the patient's requirements within the scope of practice as prepared by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA).

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  • First Session

During the first session, a complete case history will be taken followed by a therapeutic reflexology assessment (includes a physical reflexology assessment and/or a Vacuflex reflexology assessment) followed by Therapeutic Reflexology Treatment (includes manual reflexology treatment and/or Vacuflex electronic reflexology treatment).  The first session is usually focused on foot reflexology.  The Vacuflex treatment includes the Vacuflex Pressure Boots and/or Vacuflex Pressure Cups. The first session has a duration of 60 to 90 minutes session can also be provided on patient request.


  • Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up therapeutic reflexology sessions are usually 60 minutes in duration, but options for shorter or longer sessions are available at the patient's request.  A customised combination of therapeutic reflexology services is offered to each patient, including both manual therapy and/or Vacuflex electronic therapy to ensure the link between ancient and contemporary reflexology treatment is offered to each patient.  The sessions may be focused on foot reflexology or it may include a combination of foot reflexology with any of the other forms of reflexology listed above.

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  • Medical Aid Rates Apply
  • Medical Aid Rates are applicable as the fair industry recommended rates for treatment sessions
  • Major Debit and Credit Cards accepted for payment
  • This practice is contracted out of medical aids and therefore the patient is responsible for settling the account and then to claim back from the medical scheme (reimbursement is possible depending on your medical scheme benefits and medical aid option/plan)
  • Formal accounting documentation is provided to each patient for medical aid claims or for annual tax returns purposes
  • Corporate Calls, Hospital Calls, and House Calls will incur a travel fee as per AA rates.

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