The Therapeutic Reflexologist

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Christo A. Scheepers, T.R.

Dip.T.R.(Cum Laude)(IARAMT)

B.Th.(SATS), M.B.A.(MANCOSA), D.R.T.P.(USB), Ph.D. Candidate (DA VINCI)

AHPCSA:  A11945

Pr. No.:  1080000737453

Curriculum Vitae



  • AHPCSA (Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa) [A11945] to legally practice as a therapeutic reflexologist
  • BHF (Board of Healthcare Funders) [Practice Number: 1080000737453] to make medical aid reimbursement possible



  • TSARS (The South African Reflexology Society) [SCH003]
  • ASCHP (Association of Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners) [SWC19/413 - Specialist Wellness Counsellor]
  • APS (Americal Psychosomatic Society) [19372]
  • SAIMS (South African Institute of Management Scientists) [SCHC02]
  • ETDP SETA (Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority) [SOR 189239]



The Expertise of Christo Scheepers, T.R.

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General Family Practice

Christo Scheepers offers the full range of Therapeutic Reflexology services (Foot, Hand, Face, Ear (Auricular), Body, Manual, and Vacuflex Electronic Reflexology, and Reflexology Lymph Drainage) to the entire family of all ages and genders



Christo Scheepers focuses on Foot Reflexology as his area of expertise, although he also offers the full range of therapeutic reflexology treatments


Special Interest 

Christo Scheepers has a special interest in WOMEN'S HEALTH & WELLNESS



Get to know your Therapeutic Reflexologist

Who is Christo A. Scheepers?

Christo A. Scheepers is a Registered Therapeutic Reflexologist that holds the prestigious Diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology (Cum Laude) from the International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy (IARAMT), which is a prerequisite qualification to be formally registered with The Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) in order to legally practice the profession and to obtain a practice number (Pr. No.) making medical scheme reimbursements possible.


Where does the interest in Reflexology come from?

Christo's interest in reflexology started at an early age while still in school and reading books on reflexology.  In the early 1990s no formal training was offered in reflexology and it was also not a recognised vocation, thus a career in this modality did not seem possible, but it remained an interest that he kept on reading more about.


Where did the journey with Reflexology begin? 

Christo's journey with reflexology started in 2003 when he completed a 3-month reflexology course followed by various massage training courses (body-, holistic-, hot stone therapy-, Indian head-, Swedish massage) in the health and skincare (beauty) industry as well as various natural healthcare courses like the Diploma in Natural Medicine (D.Nat.Med.) from the South African College of Natural Medicine.  He incorporated these modalities in his endeavours in the natural healthcare industry, but reflexology remained his modality of choice which he not only enjoyed doing but also seen wonderful results in offering the ultimate relaxation to people.


Why follow a career in Therapeutic Reflexology? 

In 2015 Christo decided that he wanted to specialise in Therapeutic Reflexology and focus all his attention on this modality instead of being too diverse and involved in too many modalities.  This decision was made after experiencing first hand the therapeutic benefit of therapeutic reflexology in overcoming an ongoing health condition.  He, therefore, completed the SAQA accredited 2-year Diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology with the IARAMT in order to make this dream a reality.  In 2018 he opened a professional Therapeutic Reflexology practice where he specialises in his modality of choice, namely Therapeutic Reflexology.  His specialty is foot reflexology specifically for women's health, but he also offers the full range of therapeutic reflexology for the entire family.


How did Therapeutic Reflexology help in overcoming an ongoing health condition?

Christo was hospitalised in 2014 with a severely bloated abdomen accompanied by excruciating abdominal pain.  A few days in the hospital and extensive testing revealed that his small intestine twisted and caused an obstruction.  During the hospital, stay medication was administered intravenously and a few days later he left the hospital, but within a couple of weeks, he was all bloated again.  After another set of X-rays he was referred to a Surgeon and colonoscopy and gastroscopy was performed in-hospital, but it did not reveal anything specific and the doctor diagnosed him with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and he was referred to a Dietician.

He worked with the Dietician, but a long, painful, and frustrating journey commenced where he could not eat many vegetables, fruits, and numerous other foods.  What frustrated him was the fact that he could eat an apple one day, but if he ate an apple the following day his abdomen would bloat and cause severe pain.  So it continued.  Stress worsened the condition.

One day he went to a Therapeutic Reflexologist and after therapy recommended a Candida diet.  He went online and found the diet and used it for 2 weeks during which period all sugar as well as any fruits and vegetables and food that can turn into sugar in the body was eliminated from the diet.  The results were phenomenal and the abdominal bloating disappeared and he started re-introducing food into his daily diet.  In 2015 he was totally healed and could eat normally again without any food causing abdominal bloating.

This experience made him realise how a Therapeutic Reflexologist can form a valuable part of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team and add value in specific areas.  He decided that Therapeutic Reflexology is the modality of choice he would like to focus his attention on and assist patients accordingly.


Does he ever receive more training in reflexology?

Yes, as a professional Christo is regularly involved in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities to keep his Therapeutic Reflexology skills contemporary as per the AHPCSA rules and regulations for annual re-registration.  CPD activities do not only keep him skilled in the latest techniques, but it is also valuable training opportunities during which new skills in Therapeutic Reflexology are obtained in order to offer patients only the best possible experience.

Additionally, he also completes CPD activities as a specialist wellness counsellor, thus maintaining contemporary skills and knowledge about wellness that supports his practice in therapeutic reflexology.



On a more personal note, he is married and has two children, both girls.  They all love to receive Therapeutic Reflexology sessions.