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Dermatological Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology may assist with skin conditions; read more in today’s post.


Dermatology is a medical specialty focusing on skin conditions.  When people struggle with skin conditions, they usually try various products that can be bought over the counter and when that does not work, a visit to the General Practitioner (GP) is next followed by a visit to a Dermatologist.


Skin conditions may come in various forms, from sunburn to a rash, from pigmentation changes to contact dermatitis, from pimples to acne, from hives to shingles, and from eczema to psoriasis.  There are many skin conditions and if you struggle with a specific skin condition, it is a good idea to obtain a medical diagnosis, especially if over-the-counter products appear to be ineffective.


It should be noted that there may be various causes for skin conditions and therefore a medical diagnosis may be needed.


That being said, it should be noted that stress may cause certain skin conditions or may worsen other skin conditions; stress usually increases cortisol in the body which may lead to increased inflammation that may result in various skin conditions.  That is especially applicable when stress is continuous and out of your control.  Trauma that has not been dealt with, may cause similar reactions in the body, and if it stays untreated, it may result in physical conditions like skin disorders.


Therapeutic Reflexology may assist in the dermatological treatment regime because it is a formally regulated healthcare profession that attempts to restore balance or homeostasis in the body; when the body restores hormone levels, toxin levels, and stress levels, it may assist in dealing with skin conditions.


Therapeutic Reflexology should never replace medical care, but it is an excellent therapy to complement medical care or specifically dermatological treatment.  Therapeutic Reflexology is a complementary therapy that does not work against medical care but complements it by assisting the body to stimulate its innate healing abilities.


Looking over the more than two decades in private practice, I have seen many patients dealing with skin conditions; some have made remarkable recoveries while others have seen amazing improvements, but some did not have the desired results and are still dealing with their skin conditions on an ongoing basis.  Some may clearly testify to the fact that regular therapeutic reflexology treatments cause tremendous improvements and when not receiving treatments, it can be felt in their skin.


When dealing with ongoing skin conditions, people are willing to try many things, especially because skin conditions are uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and often affect a person’s self-image due to it being visible to other people.  People dealing with skin conditions are often desperate and try various products, sometimes even unproven treatments.


Why not see if Therapeutic Reflexology will benefit your condition?  Therapeutic Reflexology is a proven healthcare modality that is formally registered and regulated in South Africa by a statutory council, the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA).  That means that Therapeutic Reflexologists are regulated similar to doctors, homeopaths, and chiropractors and similarly, they have to comply with stringent ethical and professional guidelines.  Therapeutic Reflexology is covered by some medical schemes making it possible for you to be reimbursed for money spent on Therapeutic Reflexology if your medical aid plan/option covers Therapeutic Reflexology.


Why not give Therapeutic Reflexology a try to see if you experience an improvement in the skin conditions you may have been experiencing for extended periods of time?  You deserve the best, so do not give up hope before you have not tried Therapeutic Reflexology.


Make your appointment today to try Therapeutic Reflexology!

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