Frequently Asked Questions

Please download the popular Christo Scheepers Therapeutic Reflexology Frequently Asked Questions Brochure that answers the following questions for FREE by clicking on the FAQ brochure picture:

  1. What is reflexology?
  2. What is Therapeutic Reflexology?
  3. How does reflexology work?
  4. Will a reflexology treatment heal or cure a condition?
  5. Can a reflexologist diagnose?
  6. Can a reflexologist assess?
  7. Difference between reflexology and foot massage?
  8. Difference between reflexology and podiatry?
  9. What to expect during a reflexology treatment?
  10. What is expected of the patient during a reflexology treatment?
  11. Why does a certain reflex hurt?
  12. How many treatments are needed?
  13. What to expect after a reflexology treatment?
  14. Why are personal details required?
  15. What are the contra-indications to reflexology?
  16. Will the reflexologist be embarrassed about the condition of the patient's feet?
  17. Should a patient go to a reflexologist that is of the same gender?
  18. My feet are ticklish; will I be able to go for reflexology?
  19. What is the cost of a reflexology treatment?
  20. Will medical aid pay for reflexology treatment?

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