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Overcoming Vaginismus with Therapeutic Reflexology

Vaginismus may improve with Therapeutic Reflexology treatment and will be considered in today’s post.


Vaginismus is a condition experienced by females characterised by the contraction of the vaginal muscles causing a spasm in the vagina when penetration is attempted that may cause severe pain.  Vaginismus may range from the occurrence of the spasms in the vagina with the attempt of penetration during sexual intercourse to the occurrence with the attempt of any form of penetration, including that of a tampon during times of menstruation.


Vaginismus is seen as a nervous or psychological condition related to the fear of sexual intercourse.  The fear of sexual intercourse may be based on negative perceptions of sexual intercourse, negative and painful past experiences with sexual intercourse, fear of the consequences of sexual intercourse, or the result of sexual abuse or sexual trauma like rape.


It is usually recommended that a person experiencing vaginismus should visit a doctor, especially a Gynaecologist for an examination to ensure there are no physical or medical reasons for the spasms and also to diagnose the condition or confirm the diagnosis of the suspected vaginismus.  If there are no physical abnormalities or reasons for the vaginismus, then the person will usually be referred for psychological counselling in order to deal with the emotional or mental reasons underlying the vaginismus.  It is here where it may be beneficial to consider the inclusion of Therapeutic Reflexology in the treatment regime.


Vaginismus is often associated with extremely high stress, especially relating to sexual intercourse, and the resulting anxiety, anxiousness, and even phobia for penetration or sexual intercourse.  Therapeutic Reflexology is the ideal therapy to assist with the physical and emotional reduction in levels of stress, anxiety, anxiousness, and phobias.  A person’s body gets accustomed to reacting in certain ways during certain events so when a person experiences vaginismus during sexual intercourse, it is usually a normal bodily reaction to involuntarily react by constriction and spasm of the vagina and thus increasing pain levels with any attempt of penetration.  While the counsellor or psychologist deals with the emotional and mental stressors causing the spasms, the Therapeutic Reflexologist may assist the body to relax and enter a state of rest and digest instead of the fight or flight reaction that may accompany the vaginal spasms.


Therapeutic Reflexology is the ideal therapy to assist with vaginismus because it is totally non-invasive while simultaneously being extremely relaxing.  It is non-invasive and therefore the person will not have to get undressed (apart from shoes and socks), making it an ideal physical therapy to provide to any person with fear for sexual intercourse, even those who have experienced the terrible ordeal of sexual trauma in the past.  The therapeutic touching involved during a Therapeutic Reflexology treatment is also non-invasive and focused on the feet (or other body parts like the hands, face, or ears that the person may be comfortable with).  Christo Scheepers has been providing reflexology treatments as part of the domain of sexual trauma since 2003 and his approach has always been to focus on the feet during such treatments as it is more non-invasive than working on the face or ears, until such time as the patient is comfortable with him.

Therapeutic Reflexologists are formally regulated healthcare professionals following a strict code of ethics within the scope of practice provided by the regulatory body, a statutory council named the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA).  That ensures that any Therapeutic Reflexology treatment provided fulfills the highest requirements of professionalism and ethics for the protection of all patients.  Christo Scheepers holds a valid practice number in his capacity as a registered Therapeutic Reflexologist, thus making medical aid reimbursements possible for treatments proved; obviously dependent on the patient’s medical aid plan/option and whether Therapeutic Reflexology is covered by the specific plan/option.  As such, a professionally registered Therapeutic Reflexologist, dealing with conditions like vaginismus forms part of his/her professional capacity as a therapist.


Vaginismus is characterised by high stress and anxiety while Therapeutic Reflexology is known to reduce stress and anxiety by helping the body to relax while eliminating toxins like excessive levels of adrenaline and cortisol that may be the result of a stressful situation a person is experiencing.  As the body relaxes, the body may move towards becoming desensitised to stressors causing painful spasms of the vagina during sexual intercourse or when there is a need to penetrate the vagina with any object like a tampon.


If you are experiencing vaginismus, why not consider a few Therapeutic Reflexology treatment sessions to assist your body in overcoming a very painful condition?


There is always hope; never give up; consider Therapeutic Reflexology as part of your treatment regime to overcome vaginismus.



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