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Part of your Journey

Therapeutic Reflexologists are part of your life journey …


In today’s post, we’ll consider the fact that Therapeutic Reflexologists are part of your journey through life; a thought-provoking post that is intended to just make you think!


We all have stories to tell.  We all have life events that impact our lives positively or negatively for years to come.  We all have people that made an impression on us as role models while others made negative impressions on us as types of people we would never like to be.  We all have experiences that may benefit others.  We are all human beings with the ability to impact others while simultaneously being impacted by others.


When looking over your past, we all realise that certain experiences stand out and have impacted our lives in tremendous ways; sometimes positive and sometimes negative.  What we make of all these experiences are often guiding us into a future that we may not always have intended.  Sometimes our dreams get crushed and we have to course-correct our futures, but often we end up living a much better dream than what we originally expected; sometimes dreams have to change in order to grow as a person.  Just because a specific dream did not come true, does not mean that your life is of less value; we cannot always predict the future and just because we have specific dreams, it does not mean that life is over when those dreams do not come true.  Often, we have to change our dreams and when we start following a new dream, we often end up in a place that we did not expect, however, the new dream very often far exceeds the original dream; what we have to do, is be willing to adjust and change with time and just enjoy the journey of life.


We cannot always predict the future and we do not know all the obstacles that will come our way, but we do all have a specific journey to follow and we are pioneering our own unique path through life.  We just have to be open-minded to enjoy the journey of life.


Therapeutic Reflexologists often form part of your life journey just like medical doctors or physiotherapists or chiropractors or podiatrists.  We are healthcare providers that may offer value to your life, either at a specific point in time or in an ongoing capacity.


Mostly, we do not live life with the purpose of seeing specific healthcare providers, but sometimes the challenges in life force us to meet with practitioners or therapists in order to deal with specific obstacles along the way.  More often than not, you may not consider visiting a Therapeutic Reflexologist and you may just live life and try to survive all the different challenges, but a health condition may force you to take a breath and then consider a treatment regime that is optimal for your specific condition.  It is usually at these junctions in life that you may consider visiting a Therapeutic Reflexologist; we are often one of the last healthcare providers visited after you may have exhausted all your other options.  Sometimes you may be aware of the benefits of Therapeutic Reflexology and you may choose this healthcare modality as your therapy of choice to use it in a preventative healthcare capacity.


Whatever the reason why you visit a Therapeutic Reflexologist as part of your journey through life, the Therapeutic Reflexologist is always excited to offer you such an amazingly non-invasive therapy.


Therapeutic Reflexology is a healthcare profession formally regulated by a statutory council (the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa – AHPCSA) making it a safe therapy to use as the Therapeutic Reflexologist will never exploit patients.  If therapy does not seem to offer any benefit, the Therapeutic Reflexologist is obligated to discontinue therapy and to refer to another healthcare provider that may offer assistance.  Therapeutic Reflexologists work under strict ethical guidelines and boundaries as laid out in the scope of practice, thus offering you good therapy without exploiting you when you are in a vulnerable state.


Sometimes Therapeutic Reflexology may provide ongoing assistance as you receive regular therapy for specific purposes like stress management, pain management, wellbeing enhancement, or preventative healthcare.


Whether you visit for one or two sessions or whether you receive ongoing Therapeutic Reflexology, I always feel humbled that you have chosen me as your Therapeutic Reflexologist, and it is always such an honour for me to touch your feet (and sometimes other body parts like the hands, face, and ears) to provide you with an effective yet non-invasive therapy while forming a little part of your journey through life.


As a healthcare provider, I sometimes come across a patient or former patient in a non-healthcare setting and it is always so amazing to know that I may have had a small impact on a specific person’s life, whether ongoing or at a specific point in time.  They may not remember me in the future, but just knowing that I could have been of assistance as part of their life journey, is very rewarding.


Thank you to all the patients and former patients that entrusted me with their feet (and bodies) over the past number of years; it is always a privilege to be entrusted with your therapeutic needs.


If you have not made Therapeutic Reflexology part of your life journey yet, consider making an appointment and experiencing this amazing therapy sooner rather than later.

Christo A. Scheepers: Therapeutic Reflexologist

Dip.T.R.(Cum Laude) [IARAMT]

AHPCSA:  A11945

Pr. No.: 1080000737453

Tel. 072-800 7243