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The Reflexology Love Language of Touch

Touch is part of the healing therapy of Therapeutic Reflexology.  In today’s post, we’ll consider touch as the reflexology love language.


Gary Chapman wrote a book entitled The Five Love Languages where he identifies five love languages as:

  1. Acts of Services
  2. Affirmation
  3. Physical Touch
  4. Quality Time
  5. Receiving Gifts.


According to Gary Chapman, people feel loved when experiencing one or a combination of these love languages and although all people have a tendency to feel loved as a result of any of these love languages, there is usually one love language that stands out.


In my personal life, I have the love language of touch, meaning that I love to touch, and I love to be touched and patients say that they can feel it when receiving a Therapeutic Reflexology session from me.  That is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about the profession of Therapeutic Reflexology because apart from the healing properties of the therapy as a result of stimulating nerve endings, the value of a healthy form of touch that accompanies the treatment, offers healing properties in itself.


Therapeutic Reflexology offers a non-invasive form of touch as the Therapeutic Reflexologist will touch and stimulate the nerve endings on your feet, and sometimes other parts of the body like the hands, face, and/or ears.  It is non-invasive as the touch is relaxing and the patient does not have to get undressed; apart from the shoes and socks that is.


During the COVID-19 pandemic with the relating lockdowns, people have experienced a lack of physical touch and due to social distancing still in progress, it has become a norm not to be touched by other people.  It may be necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but simultaneously, it is causing a lack of connectedness with other human beings and as humans, we all need touch to one degree or the other.  Therapeutic Reflexology offers a solution for this lack of social interaction because it offers a healthy form of touch in the midst of complying with all safety protocols.


Therapeutic Reflexology is a formally regulated healthcare profession in South Africa, necessitating the legislative enforcement of hygienic and safety screening, sanitizing, and cleaning protocols to ensure the safe treatment of patients amidst an ongoing global pandemic.  That means, as a Therapeutic Reflexologist formally registered and regulated in South Africa, we are not only encouraged to comply with all protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but we are ethically and legally enforced to comply with the proper statutory council guidelines for good practice hygiene in relation to SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19).


When you make an appointment to visit a properly qualified and registered Therapeutic Reflexologist, you are ensured of a safe environment within which you can relax and receive a relaxing treatment where a maximum form of healthy and non-invasive physical touch form part of the treatment, addressing your lack of social interaction as a result of the pandemic.  It is an hour of your life where you can be touched in a healthy manner while experiencing the best form of relaxation while your body gets the chance to heal itself, or at least, attempt to balance itself from the inside out.


Therapeutic Reflexology offers the love language of touch in a safe environment where a professional therapist offers you a healthy form of touch to counteract your need for touch; it may not only help you to relax, but you may even experience the sense of wellbeing, love, and sense of belonging merely because you are experiencing a healthy form of touch.


Do not feel unloved; make an appointment to visit a Therapeutic Reflexologist and experience the love language of touch in a professional environment.

Christo A. Scheepers: Therapeutic Reflexologist

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