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Unreasonable Prospects

Sometimes Reflexology prospects are unreasonable.  Read more in today’s post.


We all know the saying: “The customer is always right!


That is an interesting saying, however, I disagree with the statement in its entirety based on having been a business owner of various businesses as well as a business manager of numerous organisations.  I believe that the saying that the customer is always right, is a statement used by employers to teach customer care to employees in order for the employees to treat customers with respect and as valued, nevertheless, the customer is not always right and sometimes they are outright unreasonable and sometimes even rude.  Usually, when dealing with such customers, the employee would call the manager or the business owner to deal with the difficult customer.


In Therapeutic Reflexology, the same is often experienced; overall, potential patients or prospects are very reasonable, but there is always one or two that are just outright unreasonable and in today’s post, we’ll consider some of this unreasonableness.


Unreasonableness 1:  I want an appointment NOW

Prospects sometimes phone for an appointment and then expect to be seen immediately and it is not strange to hear requests like the following:

  • I am outside your building; I want an appointment NOW; or
  • I am around the corner; I want an appointment in 5-minutes’ time; or
  • I want an appointment today at 11:00 (only at 11:00, I don’t want it at no other time).


These are the unreasonable requests often heard in private practice; as if the Therapeutic Reflexologist is sitting around doing nothing and just waiting for you to call as if the Therapeutic Reflexologist does not have other patients.


In the practice of Christo Scheepers Therapeutic Reflexologist, I try to accommodate prospects and patients as far as possible, but within reason.  It has happened that I would be finished with a patient and still in the office when a call comes through for such an appointment on point 99 and then I gladly accommodate if I do not other prior commitments.


However, if I’m not in the office and a prospect insists on having an appointment immediately, unfortunately, I have never learned how to tele-transport myself and the “beam me up, Scotty” is also not working so well, believe me, I have tried LOL.  That is an unreasonable request.  Also, if I have appointments scheduled at 11:00 and the prospect insists on having an appointment the same day at 11:00, that is not only unreasonable but also ridiculous, especially if the prospect is not willing to consider another time on the same day or the specific or a different time slot on another day.  If a prospect is unreasonable, chances are that he or she will not be able to be accommodated.


Unreasonableness 2: I am not showing up for my appointment

It sometimes happens that a prospect made an appointment, but then does not show up for the appointment or 5 minutes before the appointment a text message is sent to say that they will not show up for the appointment. This is unreasonable as the Therapeutic Reflexologist booked the specific timeslot for the prospect, but yet, this happens.


When a matter like this occurs, the Therapeutic Reflexologist has to make a call as to how it will be handled.  Some Therapeutic Reflexologists and other healthcare providers will plainly charge the prospect the fee for the session and it is customary that prospects and patients should cancel appointments at least 24-hours before such an appointment or they may be charged.


At the practice of Christo Scheepers Therapeutic Reflexologist, matters like this are played by ear.  Sometimes a prospect or patient cannot show up for an appointment due to life happening; things happen that are out of the control of the prospect or patient and in such instances, the timeslot is usually used for something else, but if it becomes a habit, the appointment may be charged for.


It is unreasonable to waste a healthcare provider’s time and then expect not to be held liable for the cost incurred, especially if the reason for missing an appointment is simply poor time management on your part.


Unreasonableness 3: I want to negotiate your rate

There is ever so often a prospect that wants to negotiate the rate for treatment because they believe that it is appropriate to do so.  However, that is often a totally unreasonable modus operandi because the same person would never think of negotiating a consultation rate with a medical doctor or a physiotherapist or a different healthcare provider or the price of a product in a supermarket, but they think it is acceptable to do so with Therapeutic Reflexologists.


The sad part is that when the Therapeutic Reflexologist wants to make use of the services or products offered by the same prospect, then the person would not even consider offering a discount or a special price, but they expect it in return.


At the practice of Christo Scheepers Therapeutic Reflexologist, treatments are charged at medical aid rates, which is the acceptable and fair rate for treatments.  Do not be unreasonable and expect a healthcare provider to lower rates if the industry standard says that medical aid rates are the acceptable and fair rate to be charged.


The Therapeutic Reflexologist has to pay rent, normal business operational costs, annual statutory council registration fees, practice number fees, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training fees and still support himself and his family while maintaining high quality and hygienic premises.  To do so, a fair rate for treatments has to be charged.


Unreasonableness 4: I want to be healed within one session

Some prospects have spent years living unhealthy and eventually ended up with certain illness conditions and after spending time exhausting the various medical professions, they would end up with the Therapeutic Reflexologist as the last resort and then expect complete healing within one treatment session.


That is unreasonable.  Therapeutic Reflexology is not some sort of magic, it is a professionally recognised and regulated healthcare profession and just like any other healthcare profession, there are no guarantees of success and definitely not after only one session.


If you want to give Therapeutic Reflexology a try, then at least give it a fair chance and be willing to receive at least a few treatments; you cannot expect one treatment to be sufficient, especially not after you may have spent years trying to resolve the condition without any success.


Unreasonableness 5: I want the same treatment I received from a different provider

Some prospects want to receive the same treatment they received from a different provider, but sometimes these providers may have acted out of the scope of practice and offered treatments that are not within the scope of practice for Therapeutic Reflexologists and then they visit a different Therapeutic Reflexologist and expect the same treatment without being open to hearing about the correct scope of practice treatments.


That is unreasonable.


You cannot expect a professional Therapeutic Reflexologist to practice outside the formal scope of practice for the profession just because another therapist acted unethically and offered it.


At the practice of Christo Scheepers Therapeutic Reflexologist, the full range of Therapeutic Reflexology treatments are offered, both manual and Vacuflex electronic reflexology, working on the feet, hands, face, ears, and body, but within the professional scope of practice for the profession.


The practice of Christo Scheepers is set up to comply with all the legal requirements making it possible to offer additional supportive therapies like bodywork therapies from the same premises but from a separate entrance office with clear boundaries while complying with the scope of practice for that specific profession, making a clear distinction between Therapeutic Reflexology and any additional, supportive therapies.



There are sometimes unreasonable expectations and requests that the professional Therapeutic Reflexologist cannot comply with, but if you take the time to listen to alternative options, the Therapeutic Reflexologist may be able to assist, but within reason.


If you are willing to be reasonable, make an appointment with a properly qualified and formally regulated Therapeutic Reflexologist to experience the wonderful healthcare modality of Therapeutic Reflexology without putting unreasonable expectations on the therapist.

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