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Living with Regrets

Are you living with regrets?  Many people live in a constant state of regret regarding things they have done or things they have not done.


The picture accompanying this post is of a girl that decided to put a tattoo on her beautiful foot and unless you are willing to spend a lot of money to have a tattoo removed, usually it is quite a permanent change on your body.  A tattoo like the one on the accompanying picture is sometimes very controversial, because a symbol like the one on her foot is often interpreted very differently by people.  The symbol on her foot is known as a peace sign and when looking up where the symbol originated, it was originally intended to be seen as a peace sign when Gerald Holtom created it for the British Nuclear Disarmament Movement, but today the symbol has varied meanings.  Some see it merely as a peace sign while others see it as a hippie sign and others see it as a broken cross sign that for them represents Anti-Christianity or it is even seen by others as a satanic sign.


So why all the talk about this sign?


Well, let’s consider for example the girl in the picture had the international peace sign tattooed on her foot, but later in life she joins a group where this specific symbol is seen as something sinister or not so appropriate.  She had the tattoo placed on her foot and for her it might have been nothing other than a peace sign or it may just have been a symbol she liked without even realising that it is the peace sign.  When she later wants to join and conform to a specific group where this symbol is frowned upon, what do you think will be the emotion she will live with?


There are various ways to look at this, but personally I think she will firstly try to hide the tattoo and try to never be barefoot or in open shoes when amongst the people of the specific group she wants to conform to.  With that will probably come an emotion of regret for having the tattoo placed on her foot.  If one day her foot is revealed to the group, they may in all probability start to judge her and with that judgement will come the fear of being rejected by the group she so longed to become part of and that will probably lead to the emotion of shame and feeling guilty for having the tattoo on her foot.


This is just one scenario, but there are a few that can be considered, but that is just one example of how people may feel regret for having done something in the past that directly affects their current situation and even their future.


On the other hand, people may live with regret for not having done something in their past that they think they should have.  Opportunities often comes along only once and if you did not grab the opportunity, then you may live with regret due to having it pass you by.  Often people live in regret due to not pursuing a specific career or relationship or for not getting a higher education or for doing something that caused broken relationships or hardship to follow.


Regret is something many people are living with either due to doing something they regret later on in life or for not doing something and having to live with the resulting consequences.

So what does regret have to do with therapeutic reflexology?


Therapeutic Reflexology is often seen as a complementary healthcare modality that deals with physical conditions; and it does, but therapeutic reflexology is actually a holistic modality meaning that the whole person is treated and not only the physical body.  This means that emotions like regret is also dealt with.


What! You want to tell me that you can deal with emotions like regret through therapeutic reflexology by working on my feet?


The answer to this question is: YES!


As human beings our emotions have a direct influence on our wellness.  If emotions are left hidden and undealt with, it often leads to an unbalanced life in that you feel emotionally unwell, but even more, it may actually lead to physical conditions.  Hidden emotions are often store in the body in some part; that is why stresses people often experience stiff neck and shoulder muscles that may lead to tension headaches.  It is because the emotions are literally stored in the physical body.


In therapeutic reflexology emotions are often dealt with, but not in the same way as a counsellor or psychologist will deal with it.  If emotions are very severe and the therapeutic reflexologist believes it is necessary, the patient may be referred to a counsellor or psychologist to deal with it on a psychological level.  The therapeutic reflexologist deals with the emotions (within his scope of practice) through the feet (or sometimes other body parts) by means of a physical therapeutic reflexology session.


This may sound a bit strange, but it really works.  This concept in therapeutic reflexology is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Five Element Theory where emotions are linked to specific parts of the body.  Hidden or undealt emotions may therefore affect the body and cause it to become out of balance.  By performing a therapeutic reflexology treatment, this imbalance is dealt with which will ultimately result in the emotions becoming balanced as well.


If you are constantly living with regret, chances are that you are not feeling very fulfilled in life and you probably feel unhappy with resulting shame or guilt or broken dreams.  Have you ever considered dealing with emotions like regret by actually visiting a therapeutic reflexologist?


If your answer to this question is no, then maybe this is the time for you to consider visiting a therapeutic reflexologist.

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