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But other Reflexologists do it …

“Christo, why are you not offering promotions, but other Therapeutic Reflexologists do?”  These are words sometimes heard from the general public when enquiring about Therapeutic Reflexology.  In today’s post, we’ll consider why offering promotions are not part of a professional healthcare practice. It is easy to get caught up in comparing one Therapeutic Reflexologist with […]

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Non-Discriminatory Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology is a non-discriminatory healthcare modality that is important in the 21st Century where discrimination is occurring regularly in many environments.  In today’s post, we’ll consider the non-discriminatory nature of Therapeutic Reflexology.   Discrimination refers to the unfair treatment of a person or a group of people based on factors like age, belief, culture, […]

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Feet are not yucky

It is not strange for a Therapeutic Reflexologist to be asked: “Why do you work with feet?  I can never work with other people’s feet!”  It is at such times that I’m always glad that I’m not being asked a question like that as a Gynaecologist or Urologist or Proctologist LOL.  Putting all the joking […]

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Compulsory AHPCSA Registration

Practicing Therapeutic Reflexology without being registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) is illegal and a criminal offense.  In today’s post, we’ll consider registration in order to operate as a Therapeutic Reflexologist.   Statutory Council Registration The AHPCSA is a statutory council established according to the Allied Health Professions Act (63 […]

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Healthy Human Touch

Therapeutic Reflexology is a touch therapy offering a healthy form of human touch leading to a feeling of really being touched by another human being and in today’s post, we’ll consider the touch from this touch therapy.   Human touch is something every human being needs from infancy through childhood through the teenage years and […]

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Youth Reflexology

This week (16 June) is a public holiday in South Africa called Youth Day.  In today’s post, we’ll consider the value of Therapeutic Reflexology for the youth; including children, teenagers, and young adults.   Young people in contemporary society are dealing with so much more than what I did as a child, teen, and young […]

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Diversity in Therapeutic Reflexology

The world is focused on racism at the moment, but the good news is that Therapeutic Reflexology is totally non-racial and welcomes diversity.  In today’s post, we’ll consider diversity in Therapeutic Reflexology because Christo Scheepers loves touching lives through touching feet since 2003 and he has provided reflexology to many people from various ethnical backgrounds […]

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Therapeutic Reflexology Normalisation

As South Africa moves down to alert level 3 of the national lockdown on 1 June 2020 many people will return back to work and schools are even opening allowing some teenagers back into some normality.  In today’s post, we’ll consider how to get back to a sense of normal by making use of Therapeutic […]

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We are Open

Christo Scheepers Therapeutic Reflexologist is open and available to treat you with the ultimate form of relaxation during the lockdown period.  Read more in today’s post as we thank the Reflexology World News Facebook page for allowing us to use the picture linked to this post.   The national lockdown has been a challenge for […]

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Reflexology in Level 4 Lockdown

Therapeutic Reflexology is legal during level 4 of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) national lockdown.  During level 5 we were able to provide essential services for emergencies only, but since the lockdown level was lowered to level 4, Therapeutic Reflexology is legal if the Therapeutic Reflexologist is formally registered and regulated by the Allied Health Professions […]