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Balancing Vacation Feet

It is a new year and we kicked off the year speeding from work to the school run to sporting events and studies.  That is how new years usually begin; we have resolutions, but soon after we made them, we are back in the rat race trying to cope with the demands on our time […]

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Thankful Feet

I am thankful for a wonderful year as we are entering the festive season; 2019 was an awesome year at the private practice of Christo Scheepers Therapeutic Reflexologist.  Today’s post is the final post of 2019 and in this post, we’ll reflect back over the past year.  Please visit again soon as new posts will […]

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Summer Feet

Summer officially began in South Africa on 1 December as the holiday season is upon us where our feet comes out of hiding as we tend to wear more flip-flops, sandals or go barefoot on the beach.  In today’s post, we’ll ponder upon our summer feet.   It is such a liberating feeling when arriving […]

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All day on your feet

Are you spending all day on your feet?  Are you standing for long periods of time?  Does your work have you standing, walking or running for extended periods of time?  When your feet get tired, it is sometimes needed to rejuvenate those body parts that very few pay attention to.  In today’s post, we’ll talk […]

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Therapeutic Reflexology: Expense or Investment?

Is reflexology an expense or an investment?  These are two accounting principles that I would like to apply to Therapeutic Reflexology in this post in order to determine how you perceive treatment sessions?   In today’s post, I’m talking about two of my favourite subjects, namely accounting and therapeutic reflexology.  I passed both these subjects […]

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Choose Therapeutic Reflexology

As the world of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) expands and grows in popularity, there are so many modalities to choose from, so why choose Therapeutic Reflexology?  In today’s post, we’ll consider why you should consider the modality of Therapeutic Reflexology in the midst of so many other complementary and alternative therapies.   As CAM […]

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No Wasted Experiences

We sometimes look back over our lives and we wonder if the wrong decisions we made or the opportunities we missed all lead to wasted experiences in our lives.  The question often arises, what if I did not do something or what if I did actually grabbed the opportunity instead of letting it pass me […]

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Cry in the Rain with Therapeutic Reflexology

As I’m sitting in my office looking at the amazing rain Cape Town is having this morning, I’m reminded of a song sung by Afrikaans singer Elizma Theron with the deep lyrics: “Ek wil huil as dit reën, want dan huil ek nie alleen….” (translated as: I want to cry when it rains, because then […]

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Get a Foot Rub

When last did you get a foot rub?  Regular foot rubs may help you to relax and enjoy life more, but who do you approach to give you the best foot rubs around?  In today’s post, we’ll explore spoiling yourself with a foot rub.   Getting a foot rub is very relaxing, but at the […]

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How airy-fairy is reflexology?

Is therapeutic reflexology a real healthcare modality or is it just airy-fairy foolishness?  In today’s post, we’ll consider the notion that reflexology is sometimes seen as airy-fairy instead of real healthcare by some while debunking the truth behind these thoughts.   Let’s begin by mentioning that Therapeutic Reflexology is a recognised healthcare modality in South […]