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Paediatric Reflexology

Children can benefit from Therapeutic Reflexology; read more in today’s post.   Paediatrics is a medical specialty focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of children.  Therapeutic Reflexology is the ideal healthcare modality to offer complementary therapy to children and the best part is that it is totally non-invasive.   Children are often scared to visit […]

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Podiatric Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology is not Podiatry but complements it.  Read more in today’s post.   Podiatry and Therapeutic Reflexology are both recognised healthcare professions in South Africa, thus making medical aid reimbursements possible.  Both of these healthcare professions work on a patient’s feet and ankles, but there are vast differences between what the professions offer in […]

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Urological Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology may assist with urological conditions.  Read more in today’s post.   Urological conditions refer to conditions relating to the urinary tract that may include conditions like urinary incontinence, recurring urinary tract infections, and kidney stones, but also male conditions like erectile dysfunction, prostate conditions, and infertility.   When urological conditions are present, it […]

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Part of your Journey

Therapeutic Reflexologists are part of your life journey …   In today’s post, we’ll consider the fact that Therapeutic Reflexologists are part of your journey through life; a thought-provoking post that is intended to just make you think!   We all have stories to tell.  We all have life events that impact our lives positively […]

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Unreasonable Prospects

Sometimes Reflexology prospects are unreasonable.  Read more in today’s post.   We all know the saying: “The customer is always right!”   That is an interesting saying, however, I disagree with the statement in its entirety based on having been a business owner of various businesses as well as a business manager of numerous organisations.  […]

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Overcoming Vaginismus with Therapeutic Reflexology

Vaginismus may improve with Therapeutic Reflexology treatment and will be considered in today’s post.   Vaginismus is a condition experienced by females characterised by the contraction of the vaginal muscles causing a spasm in the vagina when penetration is attempted that may cause severe pain.  Vaginismus may range from the occurrence of the spasms in […]

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The Reflexology Love Language of Touch

Touch is part of the healing therapy of Therapeutic Reflexology.  In today’s post, we’ll consider touch as the reflexology love language.   Gary Chapman wrote a book entitled The Five Love Languages where he identifies five love languages as: Acts of Services Affirmation Physical Touch Quality Time Receiving Gifts.   According to Gary Chapman, people […]

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Hand Reflexology

There are different forms of Therapeutic Reflexology and in today’s post, we’ll consider hand reflexology.   As a Therapeutic Reflexologist, I work on the reflexes (or nerve endings) on various parts of a patient’s body.  Each Therapeutic Reflexologist may follow a different approach, but my approach is to usually work on the patient’s feet and […]

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Choosing a Therapeutic Reflexologist

We are living in times where there are many choices to be made, including which Therapeutic Reflexologist you want to consult with.  In today’s post, we’ll consider how to choose your Therapeutic Reflexologist.   AHPCSA Registration Choosing a Therapeutic Reflexologist should begin by ensuring that the Therapeutic Reflexologist is properly registered with the Allied Health […]